måndag 12 september 2011

Lästips v36

Jag kan börja med att upplysa om att analysen av Lundbergs har uppdaterats. Jag har nämligen delat upp innehavet i Industrivärden efter dess beståndsdelar (Lundbergs har t.ex. indirekt ägande av fler SHB-aktier via Industrivärden).
Analys av Lundbergs- Sveriges Berkshire?

3 Investments to Deal With Inflation
Det är viktigt att skydda sparandet mot den värdeförstörande inflationen.

The Investments blog
Bloomberg: S&P 500 at Reagan Recession Values
"Whether bullish or bearish about the market in general, quite a few individual marketable securities do seem priced low compared to a conservative estimate of intrinsic value. [...] buying sound assets at a discount price relative to value reduces risk of permanent capital loss and increases the likelihood of favorable long-term outcomes (even if the near term gets even uglier). [...]

Since it's impossible to know what the future will look like the best defense (and, in the long run, not a bad offense either) is buying at a large discount to value at a time when others are most pessimistic. A favorable price environment is usually the direct by-product of that pessimism and fears about what looks like a dangerous and unknowable future. Investor psychology need be at or near its most negative.

You don't get great prices during the good times."

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