lördag 11 juni 2011

Lästips v23

H&M bevakning - omsättningstillväxt del 2
"Om antalet butiker växte med 9 %, vart kommer resten av tillväxten på 11 % ifrån? Jag tror att resten av tillväxten kommer framför allt ifrån:
1-Försäljningstillväxt: enskilda butiker som startades mellan 1974 och 2000 säljer antagligen mer idag.
2-Prisökning/inflation: En tröja kostar idag mer än 1974!"

Dividend Growth Investor:
Exxon Mobil (XOM) Dividend Stock Analysis

Coca Cola (KO) Dividend Stock Analysis
"In conclusion, I think Coca Cola is a fairly good dividend growth investment at the current price of roughly $65.50. They’ve got strong profit margins, a powerful set of brands, extreme international exposure, diversification, and solid growth. The stock offers a moderate dividend yield, and has been diligently increasing dividends over the past 49 years."

Finding Moats in Big Pharma´s Consumer Health Units
"With the big pharma universe trading at an average multiple of around 10 times 2011 earnings, we believe material value can be realized if firms divest consumer health assets at what would likely be significantly higher multiples.[...] Three firms with strong consumer health segments that we believe are currently undervalued are Sanofi-Aventis, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline.

In contrast to the prescription market, consumer healthcare products don't face the volatility associated with patent losses.  [...] Given the high importance and complex nature of treating one's health, brand names become particularly important in conveying both trust, and quality. Since most consumers lack a strong understanding of their own healthcare problems, they demonstrate a pronounced willingness to pay up for a product that carries a well-known brand.

[...] Further, brand strength is perpetuated by ongoing, widespread advertising campaigns, which instill, reinforce, and maintaining a sense of trust in the branded OTC products. Massive advertising budgets, along with the historical entrenchment of some of brands, create significant hurdles for new market entrants. "

The Coming Golden Age for These Energy Stocks
"Oil prices get the flashy headlines, but natural gas will steal the show. [...] With oil near $100 a barrel and a limited ability to quickly increase supply, economies across the world are looking for cheaper and more plentiful energy sources. Enter natural gas. [...]The IEA believes we could be on the brink of a golden age of gas, where consumption of natural gas would soar by some 50% over the next quarter-century, as China, Germany, the U.S., and other large economies shift their energy use increasingly to gas. [...] 

 Some of the biggest players are already positioning themselves while prices are still cheap. ExxonMobil acquired natural gas player XTO Energy in 2009 for $41 billion. [...]
  • While oil reserves are highly concentrated in politically unstable regions, natural gas reserves are more dispersed geographically, making gas more suitable for energy security.
  • The recent nuclear event in Japan has raised awareness of the dangers of nuclear energy, prompting some players such as Germany to eliminate nuclear energy and switch to gas.
  • China is already putting strains on oil supplies and is expected to drive the proliferation of gas, too. Cleaner-burning gas is expected to replace coal in the nation's power plants."

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