onsdag 29 augusti 2012

lästips aug-12

Här är några artiklar jag funnit läsvärda på sistone. 

Large Opportunity for Big Pharma

long-term secular trends in income growth (80% correlated with drug spending), brand importance (less sensitivity to patents in some markets), and increases in Western diseases (strong product offerings) should help propel growth from emerging markets over developed markets.  [...] counterfeit drugs have plagued emerging markets for decades, and we believe this has instilled a sense of distrust toward non-branded drugs.

the Economist
Mobile money in Africa
Three-quarters of the countries that use mobile money most frequently are in Africa, and mobile banking in some of them has reached extraordinary levels.[...] For the most part, mobile-phone money is a substitute both for paper-based banks and for, say, sending cash via a bus driver. It enables people who cannot get to a branch or ATM to use financial services.  

Keep it in the family
In The Wealth of Nations, published in 1776, Adam Smith wrote of the new joint stock companies such as Britain’s East India Company: “The directors of such companies, however, being the managers rather of other people’s money than of their own, it cannot well be expected that they should watch over it with the same anxious vigilance with which the partners in a private co-partnery frequently watch over their own.”
[...] if the [manager] stake is too small and insignificant, management thinking may revert to that of the salary man, emphasising pay, perks, power and prestige over profits to shareholders. [...] Investing in family or founder businesses can help reconcile the conflicting interests of professional managers and outside owners.

Tobaksjättar darrar inför olivgrönt
Från den första december blir cigarettpaketen i Australien likadana allihop: olivgröna, utan tillverkarens egen logga och försedda med skrämmande bilder av tobakens skadeverkningar.

Geordy Wang@ seekingalpha
Diablo 3 Shows Why Video Game Companies are Risky Investments
Due to the fleeting nature of a video game, even a tremendously popular one, success must be duplicated again and again and again just for the company to maintain its current financial position. Contrast this to a company like Coca-Cola (KO), which has basically sold the same product for the last hundred years [...] Not only that, the barriers of entry for the industry are exceedingly low, and the bar continues to lower every day with new technological advancements. Veteran companies like Activision and EA are constantly defending their turf from assault by hotshot upstarts like Zynga (ZNGA), or even Masjeco Entertainment (COOL). These days, all you need to make a smash hit is a computer, some programming skills, and a great idea.

Glöm inte att spana in bloggkollegorna Dividend Monk respektive The Investments Blog där det kommit flera intressanta artiklar de senaste veckorna.

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